31 January 2006

When Democracy backfires...

Okay - let me lay things out the way I see them.

I do not condone blowing up civilians, no matter what your cause is. If you have a beef on the international stage, then you negotiate, you try to talk things over, when diplomacy fails, you try to sanction your enemies, you blockade their ports or sabotage their supplies or even arm up and go to war! War with soldiers! War with men! You look their leaders in the eyes and say, "Until I get what I want, our men will fight your men to the death!"

But, you do not send 15 year old kids, strapped with 10 pounds of semtex and 5000 nuts and bolts in a backpack, into a crowded restaurant to become a martyr.

However, Hamas doesn't see things the way I do.

Now, after a long rule by the corrupt Fatah party, the Palestinians have had a historic DEMOCRATIC election! Everyone showed up to vote and guess who won? The Bad Guys!

HAMAS won a landslide in the open and democratic elections for control of the Palestinian parliament! They won 76 out of 132 available seats and everyone in Europe, The US and Israel is scared shitless.

Now again, I have to say that Hamas is a bad group. They have their issues with Israel and I'll get to that in a second; but they kill civilians - women and children, that to me is unforgivable.

But wasn't it our president - George W. Bush - that invaded a sovereign nation three years ago, to bring DEMOCRATIC rule and DEMOCRATIC elections to the Middle East. And, now that another country, Palestine has had their own - non-American - influenced elections and the candidates of choice haven't won. George Bush is mad!!! He is actually MAD that a DEMOCRATIC process took place someplace in the world and he wasn't asked or allowed to influence the outcome.

He's pissed off.

Now, granted - Hamas is pretty radical, and that is putting it mildly, and I think significant actions are going to have to take place to avoid World War III in the Middle East. But sometimes Democracy backfires!!!

And, as far as Hamas vowing to destroy Israel... Wasn't it George W. who vowed to destroy Saddam Hussein? The answer is: YES. Now, if Bush had had a CIA operative put a bullet in Hussein and skip across the border for a flight to South America, I would have had no problem. But instead, he invaded Iraq with a piss poor exit strategy that has resulted in almost 2500 dead Americans, over 50,000 dead Iraqis and tens of thousands of wounded on both sides. Now, can someone tell me where the real crime is? The threat OR the action?

PS. That Bastard Osama bin Laden is still out their wandering the mountains of Pakistan. Can Bush get his head out of Alito's ass and go kill bin Laden? Please?


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