04 January 2006

The Patriot Push...

President Bush is pushing Congress hard to extend his Patriot Act.

Noting that the Patriot Act was overwhelmingly approved not long after the 2001 attacks on New York and Washington DC, the President harshly criticized members of Congress saying the political considerations were now getting in the way.

I find this very amusing, amusing in a sad – "roadkillish" kind of way.

The Patriot Act was a big deal after 9-11 but he's still pushing it and mad that others aren't pushing with him.

If I remember correctly, wasn't the president pushing hard to capture Osama Bin Laden as well just after 9-11? I don't think I've heard bin Laden's name in the news in months and I haven't heard his name from Bush's lips in almost 2 years! Why isn't he still pushing to capture or kill bin Laden?

Why is he more passionate about spying on American's than he is on killing the evil bastard that killed over 3000 of us on 9/11/2001.

This administrations perspective is so off the mark, it borders on being criminal.


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