21 January 2006

Pretty little white girls.

The media loves The White Girl.

I absolutely hate it when something happens to White Girls. The media goes absolutely berserk when a white girl is kidnapped, killed or otherwise taken out of the picture. And, what stands out the most in the pandemonium is the statement of beauty...

This weekend I was flipping channels and came across FOX News and heard a brief exchange between two white newscasters - a man and a woman. They were talking about the recently kidnapped Jill Carrol over in Iraq. Now, this is definitely a serious and a sad situation, but the female announcer, when talking about Jill said, “It’s a shame because she’s so smart and so pretty...”

Pretty? What the hell do her looks have to do with anything? (And on top it, she's not really that pretty...)

But her looks should mean nothing. Her looks have nothing to do with anything, but when the white media sees a white woman in a bad spot, they just feel the need to remind people how pretty they - the white people - are. They love to work hard at humanizing white victims. Other races are treated no where nearly the same way by the media as a whole! No one is as human as the pretty whites.

The same hold true for Natalee Holloway, “pretty, blonde, Natalee Holloway...” The media ate her up! If I had a dollar for each time I heard her called “Pretty” or “The All American Girl” I’d be rich. Again, this is a legitimate tragedy with a undoubtedly a sad end, but the media wants to push her ‘good looks’ on us.

Same with Laci Peterson, all the media said was, "Pretty Laci...", "What a beautiful young woman...", "the beautiful young bride..."

Pay attention to the news - you’ll see exactly what I’m talking about! When black women or Latinas are involved - you’ll hear nothing about their looks, their HUMAN side, but when the white women are in the spotlight, all you’ll hear is pretty, pretty, pretty, beautiful and pretty.


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*** X said...

Should we also mention the strange effect of blond-ing a female as well? why are there so many beautiful women of all different ethnicities who are educated to desire blonde hair? what is this cultural or aesthetic value that makes us equate blondeness is beauty? can we bring back the "black is beautiful" slogan from the 60s-70s?