16 January 2006

The anger of violence.

Most violent crimes hurt me deeply. I don’t care about the race of the victim, it doesn’t matter to me. I always feel such deep sympathy for the family and friends left behind.

But when it comes to the offenders of these crimes, I’ve taken an interesting twist in the last few years, a twist that I know I’m not alone in taking.

When I hear about a shooting or a stabbing or a beating that takes place outside of Washington DC proper, I always whisper, “Please don’t let them be black. Pleeease don’t let them be black.” Unfortunately, 90% of time - they are black. Black, aged 17 to 25, and sporting some kind of weird assed hairstyle. This always breaks my heart, because every time some dumb ass kid - more specifically, some dumb ass BLACK kid, sticks a gun in somebody’s face, or jabs a shank in somebody’s neck, or stomps an old lady into the sidewalk so he can steal her $11in quarters - they hurt ALL of us. These assholes create an environment of fear -a REAL environment of fear, not one of those fake George Bush environments of fear! These hoodlums, thugs, cock-suckers make people afraid of all of us Black men. These son’s of Bitches, will make it that much harder for my sons, and YOUR sons to walk down the street without people clutching their purses, holding their pepper spray, and simply being terrified because our kids are the same color and age of these robbing, killing, and threatening coward-punk-mother fuckers.

Now sure, plenty of folks will argue that young black men are disenfranchised because of the White Man and the thing that the White Man has done to black folks...
Frankly, the White man has done a lot of foul shit to black folks over the last few centuries, decades and years. A lot of these things have prevented a significant financial base for many black people and that has caused all kinds of family, educational and professional problems in the black community. But honestly, this does not excuse or justify the outrageous volume of violent and senseless crimes committed by these young, black, male criminals. Being poor and being disadvantaged is no justification for the shit these assholes are doing out here in the streets. And this isn’t to say that all these hoodlums are poor, because I don't want to knock the honest, hardworking, law abiding folks out there that happen to BE POOR! But, some of these hoodlums out here are just plain mean... hell- I’ll go as far as to say many of these mother fuckers are just plain evil.

I know this entry is rather jagged and clipped, but I’m so damn angry at these gun toting, knife welding bastards who kill, shoot and stab innocent people, I honestly don’t know what to do with myself.


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