12 January 2006

Name Blending... why...

Okay - this entry is strictly a gripe, with no intellectually nutritional value.

I saw today in the paper, the phrase "Brangelbaby" which is a combination of Brad Pitt - Angelina Jolie - and the word 'baby.' This article is simply announcing that Angelina Jolie is knocked up by Brad Pitt. Hooray, hooray, yippie, yippie, etcetera etcetera...

But, what absolutely annoys the shit out of me is this silly name combining non-sense which undoubtedly started years ago in some silly assed white girls bedroom. I can see them now - giggling over each other:
"Julie! You like Tommy!
"I do not!"
"Yes, you do and when you get married we'll call you Toolie!"
giggle, giggle...

But, somehow this non-sense has slipped into the world and into the media. Now we have "Branjelina" [Brad & Angelina]; "Viniffer" [Vince (Vaughn) & Jennifer (Aniston)]; "Bennifer" [Ben (Affleck) & Jennifer (Aniston)] and "Bennifer 2" [Ben (Affleck) & Jennifer (Garner)]!!!

This whole name game thing, is stupid as hell and twice as annoying as Chinese Water Torture! Shame on all the [evil] little girls that created this crap! And, shame on the media that embraces it.


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