03 January 2006

Poor little Mo' Clarett.

Poor, poor, Maurice Clarett.
First, the NFL wouldn't let him play with them.
And now, to support himself, he has to resort to petty theft.

1… 2… 3… 4… 5…

Okay, I've kept a straight face long enough!

I have to say that Maurice Clarett is everything that's wrong with some of your more arrogant and more stupid college athletes. Many of these clowns feel that it is their right to play professional sports. It is their RIGHT to be a professional football or basketball player. And if anyone stands in their way, then they are wrong, they are the enemy. Shame on them!

Poor, poor stupid Maurice Clarett.

When he got an NCAA Championship ring with Ohio State, he figured his streets were laid with gold in the NFL. But taking "illegal gifts" from boosters and coaches got him blacklisted from the big leagues. Then he did the begging thing, then he did the blaming thing, then he did the crying thing (ALL on ESPN by the way) and finally, he did the suing thing. All to no avail. Then reality set in – MAURICE CLARETT would have to (insert dramatic music) GET A JOB TO SUPPORT HIMSELF!!!

No, no, no – how could this be? How could an athlete be forced into the shame and personal self loathing of a 9 to 5 loser making $40K a year. The shame of it all.

Then he decided to REALLY be a stupid jerk and figured, "Instead of working a real job. I'll just rob folks! Yeah, I'll get a little gun and hide in an alley here in Columbus and I'll steal from people to make ends meet! Yeah – that way I won't have to get a real job and work like 99.5% of the other people in America!"

Maurice Clarett is a sad, pathetic loser. Every kid that dreams of being a professional athlete should look at him and his current pitiful state and make plans for the rest of their life that don't include a football, basketball, baseball or puck. Young people need to prepare for career ending injuries, better talented opposition and plain old bad luck – and they need to be smart enough to live off the fields of sport.

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