24 February 2006


Few things astonish me as much as the US detention center in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The United States has been holding hundreds of Muslim men, without formal charges, for much of the last three years. All of these men are alleged to be War criminals or participants in terrorist acts. But the United States has refused to press formal charges and is basically holding these men because no one else in the world can stop us.

Presidential Press Secretary, Scott McClellan was asked recently why UN Representatives weren't allowed to visit and speak with the 'detainees.' His reply was a laughable, "We could not let them visit these people because these are individuals that are trained to lie." SCOTT McCLELLAN SAID THAT!!!! (Are you kidding me?)

The thing that is worse about GITMO, is the fact that if ANY other nation in the world, except for England maybe, was running a detention center of this magnitude - the Bush administration would have gone to the UN a long time ago to start sanctions against the offending nation. But, now - other countries are going to the UN to get them to pressure the US to close GITMO and either charge or release the detainees. The US is obviously ignoring these efforts. The US is funny like that because we ignore the hell out of the UN when they need us to do something, but whenever the Bush Administration needs a 'yes man' to go do its global dirty work, the UN is suddenly this qualified and powerful global force. Otherwise, we have no use for them.

The only thing that scares me to the bone is what happens when the Bush administration decides to start locking up people for blogging negative things against the president, or daring to have an opinion that is contrary to the current presidential regime.

If they lock me up - somebody please come save me!!!

23 February 2006

I need a second...

Thanks for reading my blog...

When I started this blog, I had hoped to write about political issues, race issues, major issues, etc. For the most part - I think I have.

But I need to take a second and step away from Bush, and Iraq, and North Korea, and poverty and the Black family. I need to take a second and ask a question.

Who in the hell REALLY likes CURLING?

I mean, I'm not really big into the Olympics, but it seems that every time I pass them,these people are curling! This has got to be the sport for those people without a single ounce of real athletic talent. You have this person that slides a stone on ice. They only really travel about six feet. Then as the rock slides 30 or 40 feet away you have a lot of yelling (or screaming for the ladies) from two people sweeping the ice frantically in front of the rock. I guess this sweeping is supposed to steer the rock somehow, but none-the-less, I don't see anything happening. Actually, I don't think anything happens with these sweepers - I think its some kind of grand fraud, but I can't prove it.

But this curling crap looks to be the dumbest sh*t I have ever seen in the realm of sports. To me, the kids that participate in spelling bee's are more athletes than these ya-hoo's that do this Curling mess! If anyone reading this can tell me what I'm missing in this psuedo-sport... please E-Mail me at thinkingblackman@hotmail.com.


22 February 2006

Dubai... or not Dubai? That is the question.

As the sale of P&O Steam Navigation to Arabian – State run, Dubai Ports looks more and more like a done deal, the White House is shedding a little more light on the details. It looks like the Bush administration has known about the deal for quite some time.

Yesterday, Bush fought off a united front of Democratic and Republican Governors and Senators by disclosing some of the assurances his administration had been given by the United Arab Emirates. To me, this clearly shows that he knew this was coming and made no efforts to present it to the nation or the congress.

To make his case even more treacherous, he has vowed to VETO any legislation that congress presents to him calling for a ban on the sale. He has told protesting lawmakers that they should understand that his approval of the deal was final!

This man has no regard for the congress or for the rules of his office!

  • He has ignored documents made specifically for him that may have prevented the 9-11 attacks which left 3000 Americans dead;
  • He then gave specific permission to allow Osama bin Laden's family to leave the country on 9-12;
  • He has twisted intelligence to lead us into a deadly war based on lies and his personal agenda of revenge against Saddam Hussein which has lead to almost 2500 Americans dead;
  • He has publicly called the American wealthy 'his base' and thusly created tax advantages for them;
  • He has consistently allowed Osama bin Laden to escape US forces;
  • He has placed his incompetent cronies in powerful and dangerous positions, like FEMA, and possibly caused the deaths of 1000's of Americans;
  • He has spied, without warrants on American citizens;
  • And now, he is allowing a country that has funneled money and influence for Al Queda to take over 6 of the biggest ports in our country!

George W. Bush has a private agenda and it has nothing AT ALL to do with making America stronger or safer. He is a dangerous man that has done nothing more that make America a global bully and a pariah among its neighbors and former friends. And, now as part of his own personal agenda, he is selling our countries safety to the highest bidder. He is the ruin of the United States of America, and history will show that his eight years in office will be the worst days in our country's history.


Time to step aside...

Yesterday, Sunni insurgents destroyed a 1200 year old Shiite mosque.
Now, I can't imagine losing my church, which is over 125 years old. I'd be angered beyond words! So, therefore I can't begin to understand the rage of losing a religious shrine that was built in 800 AD.

The time has come I think, in Iraq. I think the Sunni's have finally gotten their wish. I think the spark to set off a civil war has finally been ignited. The only problem with that is - our troops are right smack in the middle, and I'm positive that neither side will hesitate to kill our soldiers and Marines to get to the other.
Worse still - the Bush Administration and it's military people at the Pentagon, don't have a strategy to get our troops out, they don't have a strategy for occupation, they don't have a strategy for positioning through a civil conflict, and any efforts at any of these is hampered by a Lame Duck President that is doing nothing more than coddling to the oil industry and trying to sell our national security away to the highest bidder.

President Bush led this country to war for nothing more than personal revenge against the man who, in his own words, "Tried to kill my Daddy..." He, along with Rumsfeld, Cheney, Rice, Rove and Powell marched this country into a poorly planned and thinly justified conflict. All for revenge and oil and becoming a wartime president. The whole time he's promising that democracy will cure all. Well, in my opinion, three years and thousands of dead Iraqii's and American's haven't quite convinced me that democracy will cure all.

Now, tens of thousands of Iraqis - Sunni's, Shiite's and Kurd's stand poised to unleash the most passionate and violent form of war - the civil war. And, as the body count rises - the world will have no one but George W. Bush to blame!

The thing that Bush and his supporters have failed to realize is that while Saddam Hussein was an evil bastard - he was THEIR evil bastard, not ours!!! It was not OUR place to depose him. It was their place! When any nation has had enough oppression, enough corruption, enough pain, and enough suffering - they will find the strength to rise up! And, then and ONLY then, will they have the strength and the unity to rule themselves democratically. It is obvious that the people of Iraq were not ready to be rid of Hussein and they were not ready to walk on their own. Now thanks to Bush, an unprepared citizenry are forced to fight and crawl through the dirt and mud and death and destruction of a fight with their brotheren. The blood of dead Iraqi's and dead American's should stain George Bush's hands forever.


20 February 2006

If Bush is for it... it HAS to be bad.

Recently, the sale of the Peninsular & Oriental Steam Navigation Company to Dubai Ports World was announced.

In a nutshell, this sale will give Dubai, a part of the United Arab Emirates significant control over the port authority's in New York, Newark, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Miami and New Orleans.

President Bush and his administration sees no problem with it, yet lawmakers and anyone with at least half a brain can see the problem. George Bush and his daddy and his family are so deeply in bed with the Middle Eastern Oil Establishment that we should take HIS security clearances! Bush is only giving his stamp of approval to this Dubai sale because it suits the interest of keeping peace with his oil buddies.

What is going to happen if this deal goes through is, things will be fine for a few years. Bush knows deep down in his heart that this country is tired of all of the Republican lies and deceit and underhanded non-sense - so most likely the Democrats will win the White House and the House of Representatives in a few years. By then, this Dubai company will have a series of small administrative / security lapses that will allow some radioactive materials to slip through one or more their 'controlled' US ports. Of course some radical will use this stuff to set of a series of dirty bombs killing an unimagined number of us.

The Democrats, who by the way, will be still trying to dig out from under the half a trillion dollars in debt left over from the Republican party's criminal spending. But the Democrats will be blamed for the lapse in national port security and they will, in classic Democratic fashion - look like complete idiots trying to explain that Bush's administration allowed the sale of the ports in the first place. Republicans will accuse the Democrats of playing the deadly and dreaded "BLAME GAME!" Meanwhile Bush and his crew would be on the college circuit, safely away from the Washington heat, making $500,000 per 30 minute speech.

This sale is reckless. While many can cry - it's wrong, it's racist, it's unfair, it's not right to make these harsh judgments against the United Arab Emirates. I say - YOU'RE DAMNED RIGHT IT IS. I personally don't give a damn who's feelings get hurt by shutting this sale down! I do not want to give access to our key ports to anyone who might even know someone who's thinking about talking to someone who might want to smuggle some nasty shit into my country. I have enough to worry about with assholes, hoodlums, thugs and politicians in the nations capitol, I don't need to add a vanload of C4, plutonium and an electrical timer to my list!


And in this corner... Hugo Chavez! Cha-vez!!!

Is it just me, or does the United States ONLY have a problem with countries that sit atop oil?

Better yet, does President Bush ONLY have a problem with countries that sit atop oil?

Now, President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela and US Secretary of State Dr. Condoleeza Rice are at each others throats. She has publicly called him one of "the biggest problems" for democracy in the western hemisphere. She has also called him a "menace to regional democracy."

Now, I don't know much about Mr. Chavez - except for the fact that he won a landslide democratic election in 1998 to become president of Venezuela, the poorest citizens were his biggest supporters, a coup in 2002 had him locked up briefly before he was released and came back into power. Chavez accused the Bush administration of trying to oust him with this coup. But the Bush administration would never do such a thing, Saddam Hussein and Jean Bertrand Aristide not withstanding. Yeah right...

For all I know, Chavez could be a blood-thirsty, perv that drowns kittens on weekends - but all things being equal, he sits at the OPEC table. Venezuela is the 5th largest oil exporter to the United States and I think the Bush administration is laying the groundworks to get him out of power some time in the next 18 months. For his sake, Chavez would be a lot safer if Venezuela's chief export to the United States was maraschino cherries!

All the gamesmanship over oil aside - the thing that bothers The Thinking Black Man the most, is president Bush's insistence on ignoring Kim Jong Ill and North Korea!!! Iran is thinking about maybe trying to consider a plan to look into the possibility of taking a shot at maybe making a nuclear bomb. North Korea already has it! Bush needs to quit trying to marginalize Jong Ill like he's a petty player on the world stage. Like it or not, he holds the ability to start world war three. He has the ability to kill hundreds of thousands of people. The real person that needs the Bush administration attention is not Hugo Chavez, or even Mahmoud Ahmadinejad [of Iran] the man of that needs US attention is Kim Jong Ill.


16 February 2006

Black Girl on the street.

Recently, I pulled into a 7-11 parking lot and I noticed something strange.

There was this late model Monte Carlo, parked, with its reverse lights on and its horn honking. This white kid came out the 7-11, he was about 17 years old and went over to the drivers side window and said something to the girl in the passenger seat who was honking the horn. He then went back in the store and she started pounding on the horn again. As I walked by I could see that she was a young black girl, maybe 16. He stormed back out, jumped in the car and sped off - running a stop sign. I caught part of his tag number, just incase...

After I got what I needed from the store, I ended up driving up the same street as the Monte Carlo, in this rural neighborhood. I happed to pass this young looking girl walking up street, she looked nervous and sad and was clutching a jacket. The Monte Carlo was heading towards me and made a U-Turn back where the girl was. The white kid jumped out and tried to talk to her. I pulled over to watch what was happening because I now had a bad feeling. When she approached my car, I asked her if she was okay. She looked leery at me but said she was okay. I knew something was wrong, so I was going to offer her a ride home... this girl was young enough to be my daughter, so I was really pissed.

Trying not to look like a stalker or a perv, I pulled up next to her again and asked, "Is that guy bothering you? Is he screwing with you?" The reply she gave me just floored me. Still looking sad she said, "No, I'm alright. He's my boyfriend." Just then, the Monte Carlo sped past me and drove off into the distance.

What stunned and saddened me was the fact that this girl, at 16, has taken the abused woman mindset of, "It's okay, he's my man." Now, I don't know what happened between the two of them and I don't care. She was upset and scared, and granted, she didn't know who in the hell I was, but to her, it was fine for this guy to do whatever he did and to speed off and leave her - because HE WAS HER BOYFRIEND!!! She didn't even call him her ex-boyfriend, or call him a jerk or an asshole or something. To her - he was still "MY BOYFRIEND."

And, this guy just drove off and left her talking to me through the window of my vehicle. He wasn't even decent enough to make sure that I didn't snatch her or whatever. He just didn't care. Even if he was mad at, he should have been man enough to make sure she got back home safely. Either drive her home and not talk and just get her there safely and never speak to her again OR just drive slowly behind her if she wants to walk along an empty street.
This whole thing disappoints me - he was less than a man, and she was allowing him to get away with it, because he was her "BOYFRIEND..." I'm sure that they are together at this very moment, probably pretending to be happy together. In a few minutes he'll disrespect her, or say something mean and stupid and I'm positive that she'll smile shyly and think, "he's just doing that because he loves me. It's okay... he's my boyfriend.

The girls that think this way, grow up to become women that think that way. I hate to see children trying to play dangerous grown up games.

12 February 2006

Pissed about DIRTY SPAM!

I'm pissed.
Some little dweeb has tried to get my personal information.

I know this happens all the time, but I'm pissed about it. And, on top of that. The E-Mail was stupid and full of information that no self respecting bank would ask for.

Here is a copy of the E-Mail. Check it out and be aware!

Dear Chase Customer
Thank you for submitting the requested information about your account. We have compared the information that you have supplied and the ATM Pin number is not the same as the one in our records.

To ensure that your account is not compromised please login to Chase Internet Banking by clicking this link, verify your identity, your account information and supply a valid ATM Pin number in order to get your acount reactivated by our system.

- Click on: https://chaseonline.chase.com/colappmgr/colportal/prospect?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=page_logonform
- Enter your personal information and supply a valid ATM Pin number.- Verify your identity with Chase

If at any time you require assistance, please contact our Online Account Services customer hotline at 1-800-788-7000 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.Thank you for using Chase Online Account Services.

Sincerely,Genevieve Smith - Chase Security Department

2006 Chase ,Inc . All rights

Damn criminals!


Off to war...

I stumbled across a really good show on the Discovery Times channel.

It's called, "Off to War."

The show is a non-fiction accounting of the 18 month deployment of a National Guard unit from Arkansas to the battlefield of Iraq. Aside from one sticking point I have with this show, I think it is a fine program that gives a good perspective of many of our troops in the field.

My one sticking point with "Off to War" is its lack of diversity among the troops. With the exception of one man, the entire unit is white. I think the opinions would have been better presented if a National Guard unit of blacks, whites, latinos and other ethic groups was presented. Now, I'm not going to harp on that too much, because there may have been a lot going on behind the scenes that didn't involve any kind of conspiracy.

But, the show gives the gritty, unashamed opinions of the US troops based onthe dangers and threats they face everyday. Plus- the live action camera support of the show is absolutely incredible. You are right there through ambushes, mortar attacks, snipers, night patrols, arrests, dancing drunken Iraqi police officers, lying Iraqi colonels, roadside bomb diffusings and unfortunately - death. Whether you are in agreement with Bush's decision to go war or against it, you owe it to our men and women over there to spend some time with them to see what being on the ground is like. You owe it to them to go, 'off to war.'


10 February 2006

Sword Fallers...

When president Bush sneaked into the White House back in 2000, I knew we as a nation were in bad trouble. But I reluctantly said to myself, "This guy is no President, but at least he seems to surround himself with smart people that know how things get done." So, I wasn't completely terrified - I figured how much harm could he do in ONE TERM?

I'll re-address that "one term" thing in a future entry...

But through all of the adventures... uh, MISadventures that Bush has led us on, I am ever impressed over the loyalty the people around him give him. I mean, whenever shit hits the fan, he has some loyal flunky to push him out of the way and take the stinky brown splatter themselves.

Some examples:
-President Bush knew he only wanted to go to war because history has shown that the United States tends to be forgiving and supportive to a wartime president. He knew he had nothing legitimate to go to war with Iraq for, so he sent COLIN POWELL to the United Nations with a beautiful, yet totally fraudulent power point presentation justifying the lies which lead to war. For the rest of Bush's first term, COLIN POWELL defended his presentation to the world.

-When the truth came out about the Bush Administrations lies that led to the war, CIA director GEORGE TENNANT fell on his sword and allowed his agency to take the blame for 'faulty' intelligence.

-When a Presidential daily brief (PDB) dated Aug. 6, 2001 was leaked and proven to have evidence that may have prevented the 9/11 attacks, DR. CONDALEZZA RICE was quick to step in a take the hit for the President not paying attention to the vital document. She testified under oath, despite some serious challenges by Bush lawyers, and basically said they ALL dismissed the PDB, thus helping Bush dodge a bullet marked "incompetent."

When the name of CIA Operative Valerie Plame was leaked to the New York Times, top level Bush Administrators saw a storm brewing, because Bush Chief of Staff, Karl Rove was in the cross hairs as the White House source. Quickly, Bush Staffers helped find I. Lewis Libby a Cheney advisor, and put him on the coals. Whether he was pushed on his sword, or went willingly, is still a mystery.

When Hurricane Katrina, bore down on the gulf coast, killing thousands and destroying entire cities. The head of FEMA, Michael Brown, a longtime Bush crony and former head of the International Arabian Horse Association, proved to be absolutely incompetent. When Bush started feeling the heat for naming a complete screwup to such an important post, Brownie fell on his sword for Bush, accepted blame and quit.

And now, with illegal wiretaps haunting an already beaten and bruised Bush Administration, Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is sharpening his blade. He is already trying to thinly stretch presidential War-Powers as justification for Bush's under the table approval of illegal wiretaps. I think before long, Alberto is gonna lean over and say he knew about the wire taps and gave Bush preliminary approval to use them. Stay tuned.


01 February 2006

Public Enemy Number One!

I stumbled across a CD of Public Enemies GREATEST HITS. I bought it with the quickness!

I've been trying to figure out how I've been living without it for so long!

Now, this entry on my blog is for anyone black and between 35 and 45 – because I know they can relate to what I'm about to say. Anyone reading that doesn't fit in that category, please continue and try to hang on!

The importance of Public Enemy in the late 80's was so significant to me. I was leaving my teens and entering my twenties and thinking I knew everything while all along I knew absolutely nothing. While I didn't think the klan would be burning a cross in my yard, or I'd be in the middle of a race war in the forseeable future - Public Enemy helped me start to see thing a little clearer. I began to feel my Black voice... it had bass, it had a little rasp, it had an edge, it had heart and it had soul.

Track 8 is where it started for me... FIGHT THE POWER!

Now tell me who can hear the opening bass track thumping without bobbing their head? It's impossible to sit still and hear Chuck D. and Flava Flav shouting –

"Nineteen Eighty – Nine!
A number another summer!
Sound of the funky drummer…"

Remember the feeling of Black Pride, Black Power, and social rebellion that Public enemy filled us with?

"My beloved, let's get down to business,
mental self defensive fitness…"

Remember Rosie Perez dancing her ass off to FIGHT THE POWER at the opening of 'Do the Right Thing'?

A little further down the CD I rediscovered "Welcome to the Terrordome."

"Crucifixion ain't no fiction!
So called chosen frozen…"

The head bobbing got further out of control during "Can't Truss It."

"Wearing red, white, and blue!
Jack and his crew…"

And further still, I came across one of my all time personal favorites. "Shut 'em Down."
The hypnotizing melody flowing in the background wraps around Chuck D's hard hitting, anti-establishment, fist pounding lyrics.

"I like Nike, but wait a minute!
The neighborhood supports so put some money in it!
The corporations owe, they gotta' give up the dough to the town
or else we gotta' shut 'em down!"

Just an awesome CD. Here we are approaching 20 years after FIGHT THE POWER, and we still need the passion and the fight of PUBLIC ENEMY. I'm just glad I've had a chance to recapture some of it.

"It's weak to speak and blame somebody else,
when you destroy yourself…"