25 July 2006

Can Hezbollah REALLY be stopped?

Something about this new middle eastern conflict became crystal clear to me a few days ago. And, it bothered me that if I, a typical everyday guy, could put this together, then why can't the political thinktanks in the White House and on the Hill figure this out.

Let me explain - this past weekend I was watching CNN and they were interviewing this Lebanese woman. Her home had been destroyed and she and her daughter had to flee the southern part of the country. She was explaining to CNN that Hezbollah was not to be blamed for the scale of violence that Israel was bringing to her country. She said that no matter what Hezbollah had done - she still supported them and believed in them. She explained that in her part of the country, the Lebanese Government did next to nothing for the people. Whereas, Hezbollah paid for medical treament, they picked up the trash, they made sure the people had food and electricity and that the kids got a good education. She said that when the fighting started between Hezbollah and Israel, the people in her town where yelling, "God be with Hezbollah!"

Then her 9 year old daughter spoke and she said that Hezbollah was a blessing to her people. At her school when things needed to be fixed or painted, Hezbollah quickly got the school back in shape. She said that Hezbollah kept her school running. She said that when she grows up she wants to be a doctor for Hezbollah so she can heal them when they fight the Israelis. THIS WAS A 9 YEAR OLD GIRL!

It was further pointed out that prior to the initial Israeli attacks, Hezbollah went through the towns along the border evacuating citizens and soon after the bombs started falling, Hezbollah members were collecting names and coordinating relief and relocation efforts. So, the citizens of southern Lebanon were - in their opinion - being cared for and looked after by Hezbollah.

This is when I realized that no matter how many bombs Israel drops, no matter how many bullets they fire - they cannot destroy Hezbollah. Hezbollah is a movement, it is a concept, it is a spirit in the hearts and minds of many Lebanese. So, for Israel and the United States to claim - "let the bombing continue until Hezbollah is fully disarmed..." it's frankly the definition of 'an impossible goal.' Even if every gun and rocket possessed by Hezbollah was destroyed and every Hezbollah fighter killed - the concept of Hezbollah would continue. It might languish for a decade or so, but the concept would soon rise again and take shape in the hearts and minds of young Lebanese men. And as far as weapons go, rockets, pistols and rifles can be bought for a handshake and a smile over there - so this whole disarming issue is a joke.

This bombing campaign is truly doing nothing but making the Lebanese Government look more and more impotent on the middle eastern stage. At some point, the Government will be so emasculinated by allowing Israel to systematically destroy it, that it will be ripe for an overthrow by Hezbollah or Syria - and then there will be even bigger problems in the region.

I'm honestly not calling anybody a good guy in this situation, neither side, Hezbollah OR Israel is without sin in how they do business. But, I can say that this relentless and disproportionate bombing campaign is going to only assure an unstable and highly volatle middle east for years and years to come.



Stephen Bess said...

I've been following this on the news as well. I like what you said about Hezbollah in that it is a movement. I, honestly, have not given this extensive thought, but I should. I pray that the fighting stops sooner than later. However, I know that it will not. There is more to come. There will be so much blood shed in this decade and the next. Biblically, we are on schedule. This was very thought provoking. Thanks.

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey -
Thanks Stephen!

I can't help but be drawn to this conflict because of the coverage. I'm trying to learn more about the wars and battles raging on in Africa too, but sadly there are some many warlords, and militias, and armies, and rebels and groups in different regions, I need a scorecard to track who is who.

I think the thing that draws me the most to these regional conflicts is the loss of civilian life. I think most western strategists work from the perspective of one army fighting another army on a designated battlefield. When one army is defeated, then that army's Government concedes and peace treaties are signed. But that is not the case in 21st century warfare. In the 21st century - most leaders (George Bush notwithstanding) don't really want war and conflict. But then you have these factions, these concepts and these movements like Hezbollah, Hamas, Al Qaeda, Basque ETA, the Tamil Tigers, etc. and they operate on a different scale from regular armies, and when structured military campaigns are launched against them, the only true victims are the innocent civilians that happen to be in the region.

It's all a very sad situation.

Thanks for the comment!

native son said...

I could not have said it better myself brotha. This a movement, it is a concept. And to make matters worse it is base off religion. Both sides beleive thatthe land they fight over is their God given land. This has been going on since biblical times. and it is not going to stop.

The Thinking Black Man said...


This whole thing Israel is doing, "fighting until they disarm Hezbollah..." It's a joke. A violent, bloody, savage joke. The true end game objective is so nebulus, it might as well be non-existant. I think Israel is just taking this opportunity to settle some old scores and take some pot shots at their Muslim neighbors.

Unfortunately, I see hundreds more dead and innocent civilians on both sides of the border before this foolishness is done.

Peace, Brother-

Anonymous said...

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