10 July 2006

What's wrong with the District of Columbia?

I’m a bottom line thinker.

To me, things are either good or bad, up or down, left or right, black or white. Very little is gray or neutral.

So it is easy for me to say, without caveats or conditions or disclaimers... “The District of Columbia is very a dangerous place.”

Now some folks will get all bent out of shape and start whimpering and whining about,
“No it isn’t…”
“It’s no worse than a lot of places…”
“The media just paints it in a bad light…”
“Statistically it’s no different from many cities…”

To them I say, “Wake up and smell the coffee burning!” Better yet, “Go walk a mile on New York Avenue after 11PM.” Or, “Ride the Green, Red or Orange lines for an hour or two with an Ipod on.” Or, “Go leave a Georgetown party and walk down the street alone.”

I add the Georgetown part in because a few nights ago in what was considered the last bastion of safety in the District of Columbia, four hoodlums (two adult males, one female and one 15 year old male) [I don’t call hoodlum criminals “men” or “women” because that would imply that they were human…] descended on this man and woman, beat and robbed them, slashed the man’s throat (killing him) and attempted to rape the woman. I heard the sheer violence of the attack sickened even the hardest of the DC homicide cops. This was just one crime in one part of town, I mean this stuff happens all the time it seems. Everywhere in and around Washington DC.

I drop the comment that “The District of Columbia is a very dangerous place.” Because it is true. DC has a frighteningly high rate of murders, shootings, stabbings, beatings ,carjackings and kiddie car-theft/crashes! Whats a kiddie car-theft/crash you ask? It’s when a little 8 year old monster breaks into a car, starts it, steals it and then goes driving around at high speed until they kill someone or crash into something. Yeah – an innocent lady was killed a stop sign by an 9 year old car theft last year.

It is an awful trend and it is spilling over into adjoining counties and communities. Cops have a fit because these bastards creep into Maryland sometimes, do their dirt and then flee back into their holes in the district. When my car was stolen – the first place I went to look for it was in Southeast DC – where did cops find it? Southeast DC. When my buddy’s father’s car was stolen from him at gun point, where did they find it? Southest DC.

Sadly, the perpetrators of almost all of these crimes are “young, black males, aged 16 to 28” [damn, it hurt me to write that!] That is the largest portion of the population here. Sure, you have whites and Latinos, but YBM’s are the majority and almost every night you see them either making the ‘perp walk’, or they’re ‘wanted in connection with…’, or they’re ‘convicted of…’ or they’re ‘a suspect in…’

I truly think that there is only one way to cure this problem running rampant throughout the District of Columbia. One way – with three parts.

PART ONE – Improve the schools. Put extra money into books, computers and teachers pockets! Hire more teachers and make classes smaller and help the children to truly learn so that their future can be brighter than the futile dreams of going to the NBA or being a rapper.

PART TWO – Build another jail and improve correctional training. Yeah – I know, most black folks hate the word “jail” but I don’t. You know why? Because there are some truly scary mother fuckers that truly belong there. You KNOW you feel the same way – don’t lie to yourself! I think you need to make more room to house and hold those hardcore murderin’ types that you and I never want to see walking down the street in our neighborhood! Make more room, because there are plenty out there that should be off the streets. Tell the bleeding hearts that you can’t save them all! Some folks just need to spend the rest of their lives locked away! But for those that can be saved – have REAL correctional programs for them so they can have an opportunity for success when they get out and they’ll have options beyond sticking a gun in someone’s face.

PART THREE – This is most important! We have to stress to our young people that a complete family unit is a must! To be 15 or 16 or any age [and stupid] and get pregnant by some other 15 or 16 year old [or stupid person] is statistically going to prove to be a disadvantage to the child as they grow up. To any single mom that CHOSE to be a single mom because “I can be a mother and a FATHER to my child.” I’m sorry – YOU CAN’T! Children need both a woman to be a mother figure and a man to be a father figure… that is just the truth, plain and simple. Keep in mind that I said “women who CHOSE, [to go it alone].” (Not the ones that were abandoned after-the-fact) Our young people, our girls and boys need to understand that babies are not just an accidental by-product of sex – they are living creatures that need nurturing and guiding and they need to be molded into mature, successful and compassionate adults! Far too often do “grown” mothers or fathers find out that their teen aged daughters are pregnant and do nothing but cry and wait for the delivery. We have to stop accepting this foolishness from youngsters and take matters into our own hands – yes, I’m talking about abortions here (please don’t act all offended, this is a blog for God’s sake!) – especially when the ‘baby daddy’ is either a bum, a child, a dummy, or nowhere to be seen [or any combination]. The children these kids produce are going to grow up disadvantaged and/or impoverished because as they get older mom will be called Brenda and Grandma will be called Mama, and Brenda will have three other kids and want to spend all her time in the club and every other week, because the real daddy split town, Brenda will have a new man in the house for the kids to call, “Daddy.”

I'm not saying that having a mother and a father is a guarantee for success in a childs life, just like I'm NOT saying that growing up in a single parent home is a guarantee for failure. What I am saying is we need to stress responsibility to our kids and we need to encourage them to be careful and not start families before they are mature enough to be reasonable parents. We need to stress to our young people that when children grow up with little to no, social and moral training, it is far easier to turn towards a life of crime as time goes by. We need to stress that having a mother AND a father working together as a team will be invaluable to the healthy and successful development of a child.

We have to save the kids. The ones that are out here now in DC who still have a chance, AND the ones that are yet to be born. Without guidance, supervision, parenting and sound judgment in the lives of these kids in DC, people will be declaring the District of Columbia a very dangerous place for years to come.



niasmoothie said...

Its obivous that you don't traveled much. I have seen worse than in Washington, D.C. Try visiting Chicago, IL. I don't mean as a tourist.

8 year old monsters. They are everywhere. Two decades ago, in Chicago I am walking on Damien Avenue in broad daylight, with people all around me to have a child try to stick me up!

I have had child that is only 10 years old ask me for a cigarette. I told him no, and that he was to young to smoke. The 10 year old boy articulately says to me " %#?^& that he will kick my butt to prove to me that he isn't a child.

My bestfriend daughter and several of her friends are riding on the subway in Chicago, IL. A man or boy approaches her and jerks her fake necklace off her neck. Her friends and the girl tries to get the man to stop so that she can take the necklace off to give it to him. When the train stops the person succeeds to yank the necklace off her neck. He runs off the train and she is on the train bleeding from the neck. She was only 13 years old at the time of that incident and she was on the critical condition list at the hospital! Thank God she survived.

So, don't tell me that the District of Columbia is worse than any other State. Other States local news don't travel from state to state unless something like a catastrophic happens in another
city,e.g train derailment, 9/11, a huge explosion in an apartment building, etc. States do rely on good publicity to bring in tourism to their cities. People who don't travel much can say the same thing that their city is the pits with crime.

When people say, their are worse cities than D.C. , believe me they can tell you some of their own
expriences in other cities.
Crime is everywhere in the USA.
Going overseas isn't safe. They have crime too.
People need to practice safe measures where ever they go or live.

The Thinking Black Man said...

I've done some traveling, but I haven't lived in other cities aside from maybe one, which is now overrun with heroin junkies and hoodlums. But you say, "...don't tell me that the District of Columbia is worse than any other State..." Uh, no where in my blog did I say DC was the worst in the country. That wasn't even my point. I'm smart enough to know that crime is everywhere and ranges from bad to worse, to horrible. It is an awful point that some people have pushed society to. Regardless of where you live. Hey - thanks for dropping me a line, I really appreciate it! I see that your blog is about to come online... I'll make sure I check it out!


Anonymous said...

Attention all Tourists! Stay out of Washington DC! It is a very dangerous place and your lives may be in great danger if you come to this very very unsafe city. Take a trip to Israel instead, yes there is also war there but at least the airplane flight will be enjoyable. It is much safer to get arial shots from the plane of cities burning to add to your photo albums, as opposed to confronting gun toting thugs in front of the White House gates.

Anonymous said...

Lets face it...crime can be controlled in this country but it is not part of the agenda. Thats because crime pays...not neccessarily for the criminal, but it sure as hell pays when it comes to keeping people well employed. Lets start with attorneys who defend these known criminals, they get paid handsomely each time their boy commits a crime, violates probation etc. Attorneys love this. Every court appearance is another payday for the attorneys who represent the lowlifes. Then you have the judges who sit on the thrones like almighty gods who chastise innocent women who only ask for some type of court ordered protection from a husband who threatens her life, yet these slacker judges collect a huge pay check, yet denies a woman a right to be protected from a man who in the end sets her on fire. Yes the country is full of slacker judges. Then you have the cops who many are as low life as the criminals themselves. Cops on the take, cops who don't respond to crimes, cops who speed from from stop light to stop light just because they can while putting others lives in danger. Not to mention all the overtime they rackup working extra hours to protect us, something they should have been doing during regular hours as oppossed to eating donuts while parked in some back alley then taking a nap. Then you have your politicians who right these insane laws that give the criminal 100 ways to beat the system. Yes like I said there is a lot of money to be made in crime.
The law is not about protection, its about money.

The Thinking Black Man said...

Well said!
I guess I never gave thought to the "crime industry", but I like your point! I guess it's like the medical industry - the profit lies not in the cure, but the long term treatment! Thanks for the comment!!!

Ann said...


Don't forget where alot of these crimes occur.

If the majority of these crimes are happening in predominantly black areas, of course the cops are going to respond with the speed of a snail, or not respond at all.

And because these crimes are occurring in black areas, the mindset of the judges, cops, attorneys and prosecutors is: "What the hell, they're black; they're animals. Who cares? Let 'em all slaughter and annihilate each other.

"As long as it stays contained over there in Darky/GhettoTown, we could careless what happens to those dark denizens.

"As long as they are killing each other off, we, the non-black members of society don't have to lift a finger to wipe them off the face of the Earth.

"They are doing a good job of doing it themselves, without any help or interference from us."

Native Son said...

I agree with you thinking black man, but add this point. Parents need to be held accountable for the actions of their children. I am tired of hearing the same old excuses for parents not being active in their children's lives. I don't care if the parents are on drug or working 2-3 jobs. Parents are responsible for their children. If you know you’re a single parent, get your child a mentor. Get your child registered in The Big Brother Big Sister organization, YMCA, United Way, or anything that can assist you if you are struggling to make it. We need to stop making excuses. Ignorant parents raise children who then become ignorant.

Native Son said...

A side note: I think some of us are so critical about the situation in D.C. because this is Nation' Capital. This city is full of resources and culture and our people should not be in total chaos. There are some people who native Washingtonians who have never been to a single museum or any of this countries monuments. I have talked to some black people who are from D.C. who have never been further than Prince George's County. So in comparison to other cities, the state of black people in D.C. is worse in my opinion.

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey Ann,

That's the saddest part in all this. We're doing it to each other and ourselves. I just can't phathom the ease that people kill each other with. Just the other night - Saturday, I think, a 26 year old DC woman stabbed a 23 year old man to death. They argued and BOOM, she killed him. I'm completely blown away at the suddenesss of taking a life and a life lost.

You bump someones car, or step on their foot or brush against someone - by accident, and there is a chance that that person can and will KILL YOU for it.

You live as a child, go to school, make friends, get a job, start a family and have plenty of folks that love you and care about you and some fool at a gas station in Oxon Hill needs a way to get to Silver Spring and they don't want to catch a cab, so they see you filling up your Honda Accord and they just walk up and shoot you in the head three times and steal your car so they can drive up to their boys house so they can play X-Box. BOOM - you're dead.

The speed and violence and randon-ness is totally mind boggling.

Anonymous said...

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