06 July 2006

North Korea (Bush vs Kim)

So, North Korea is lobbing missles into the Sea of Japan.
And the world blames Kim Jong Il, the little runt bastard that runs the place.

I have to say that I'm no fan of Kim or any other dictators for that much, but I have to say our dear old President, Dubba-ya, should take his fair share of the blame for this.


Because, when he made his grand declaration of a global axis of evil a few years ago, and piled Iraq, Iran and North Korea into the trinity of assured destruction, he failed in his role as the most powerful man in the world. He failed to use diplomacy in the face of ignorance. He failed to offer compassion when faced with arrogance. He failed to try and become the bigger man.

Instead he placed the three nations in the wrong order of threat - what should have been North Korea, Iran, Iraq he made Iraq, Iran, North Korea.

After that, he dealt with each nation like an arrogant, petulant, dumb little child.

He scoffed at anyone that urged diplomacy with Iraq and sent U.S. armed forces into a poorly planned debacle with no clear objective for going in or coming out. First troops went in to find the WMD's, then it was to free the Iraqis, then it was to fight terrorists, and now it is only to help hone the killing skills of radical Islamic terrorists.

Then he laughed at North Korea, devalued them, and dismissed them when they asked for two party talks over nuclear weapons. They told Bush - we're thinking about making nuclear weapons, but if the US is willing to sit down and talk face to face with us we may reconsider our position. Bush chuckled and said, "No. Let's get five or six other nations around the table so you can look less significant than you are and that way we also won't have to speak directly to you little bastards." Then he gets Dr. Condi Rice to insult the Chinese over human rights issues only weeks before asking them to tell Jong Il to settle down.

Then as Iran stands up to Bush and tells him straight up, "We're going nuclear and if you even think of doing anything about it, we're gonna' make you American's pay dearly!" So, what does Bush do? He sends Dick Cheney to Russia to blatantly insult the Russian president only days before Bush calls on the Russians to put pressure on Iran for us.

So now, North Korea has been slapped in the face by Bush...
and don't get me wrong, I think Jong Il is a god-damn fool for pushing everyone in the region to a high alert status for war... but I can't help but think this wouldn't have happened if George Bush hadn't so arrogantly and narrow-mindedly dismissed the North Koreans when the issue wasn't long range missiles, but actual nuclear warheads.

I firmly believe that the only thing that matters to Bush is the number of bombs dropped, the number of troops deployed and the number of kills confirmed. I believe that peace through creative diplomacy, agreement through trust, and justice through honesty are all concepts that our president would thumb his nose at.


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