26 July 2006

Israeli Bombs Kill UN Observers!

I see that Israel has bombed a clearly marked United Nations outpost in Lebanon, killing 4 UN observers. Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert gave multiple assurances to the UN that their people were safe and their observation points were well known and would not be bombed. This was true right up until an Israeli jet blew the building into a million pieces!

I couldn't help but laugh out loud that poor Kofi Annan has declared the bombing "apparently deliberate" and has demanded... DEMANDED, that Israel investigate the matter. He demands that Israel investigate its own wrong doing, it's own possible war crime, and I assume he also expects them to find themselves guilty and write a stern public assessment of themselves. Then of course, he'll probably demand that they come up with a harsh punishment for themselves and then of course he'll expect them to carry it out. This is why the UN is rapidly becoming an international joke.

Kofi, please get your head on straight and get some real investigators to look into the deaths of your staff members. It is probably an insult to every UN peacekeeper and observer, to have the country that killed their co-workers, be charged in investigating the actions that killed them. What Kofi Annan is saying to the UN is, "If you die in service of the UN, we will not take your death too seriously. We will not try too hard to punish those responsible."

My disappointment in Kofi aside, this killing of UN observers is really not unheard of when Israel feels threatened. Many people have either forgotten about, or never heard of the USS Liberty incident. I haven't and it came right to mind when I heard about these UN casualties being called deliberate.

Basically, on June 8, 1967 on day four of the six day "Arab - Israeli War" the USS Liberty, a clearly marked, US flag baring, intelligence gathering ship was in the eastern Mediterranean sea. The ship was 13 miles off the coast of the Sinai Peninsula in International waters. The night before, for over six hours, Israeli jets flew low overhead, visually inspecting the lightly armed ship. The Israeli's were US allies so, there was no alarm on the Liberty. When the morning came, Israeli jets and torpedo boats attacked the US ship for almost 75 minutes, using rockets, napalm, torpedoes and machine gun fire. When the unprovoked attack was done, 34 Americans had been killed, 172 had been injured, the ship was in flames, listing to her side, and communications had been knocked out. Later inspection showed over 800 bullet holes in the ship and a massive 40 foot section of the hull was blown away by a torpedo.

Israel immediately called the incident a terrible accident and sent apologies to Washington. However, few in DC bought the story - for one, during the attack, the Israelis jammed communications from the ship, they jammed the specific frequencies known to be used by American vessels. Then there was the fact that President Lyndon Johnson did not want the Israelis to seize the Golan heights from Syria. They infact took the Heights just after the Liberty was attacked - many believe they knocked a US intelligence platform offline so Washington would not hear of the Golan Heights matter until after it was complete. But - the most shameful aspect of the whole situation was the fact that just as the attack started, the Liberty was able to get off a distress signal to an aircraft carrier in the Med. Several US jets were dispatched but when President Johnson heard that Israeli fighters were attacking our ship, he declared that he didn't want to see a US ally embarrassed like that, so he ordered the US jets to return to the aircraft carrier. He was willing to sacrifice American lives and an American ship, to allow Israel to save face.

Amazing how the more things change, the more they stay the same.

For more information on how Lyndon Johnson let Israel get away with murder, visit:



Anonymous said...

Whoa, whoa there tiger. Why are we suddenly caught up in context of this being a deliberate act? No one can say that for sure. Besides, why would Israel deliberately target a UN post when there is ZERO to gain? Let's be honest.

Also, this should clearly demonstrate the utter uselessness of the UN. Apparently the UN people called several times to report that the bombing was getting closer.

Well guess what: if you're in the middle of a war zone, don't leave when the signs point to your certain doom, and you get killed... then Darwin has an award for you.

The Thinking Black Man said...

While I appreciate your comment, don't call me "Tiger" I'm not a 9 year old kid with my two front teeth missing.

Honestly, I don't know for sure that Israel bombed the UN building deliberately. But I suspect that they did. When you are waging war, and trying to win in this effort, you will do whatever you have to do and it may be in your best interest to NOT have anyone standing around while you do what's gotta' be done. What better way to chase observers away than to drop a 500 pound guided bomb on them. I think that will scare most folks away.

On the other, I do have to acknowledge that a warzone is not the same as sitting on the 50 yard line at a Redskins game. It is NOT the best seat in the house. So, I will admit that sitting in the middle of a hot battle field is not the smartest thing in the world. And, death is a very real possibility.

PS. I don't think the UN is 'useless' but it is just ignored and marginalized but far to many powerful nations. I think the concept is very sound, the United States should not have to be the world's police department and babysitter!

onefromphilly said...

Politics and War. Religion and War. I'm sick to death of it all. I'm so tired of this Arab/Jew hatred and how it drags the rest of the world into it. I'm not one for building walls but how does the saying go: FENCES MAKE GOOD NEIGHBORS. The Great Wall of China probably wasn't such a bad idea after all. Most of us will never know the seething hate that they have for each other. And I have Jewish and Arab friends. But one thing for sure hate breeds more hate and they are not likely to come to terms with each other in most of our life times. But I still pray every night that this type of conflict, pain, death and destruction ends before God get tired of all of us and just gives this story it's ultimate ending.

The Thinking Black Man said...

I agree OneFromPhilly,
This whole thing over there is amazing. The hate that supercedes any kind of reasoning is mind boggling. The whole "Israel has no right to exist" thing and the whole, "we have every right to kill as many Muslims as it takes to defend ourselves!"

I really want to learn about what truly drives the venom between these cultures. I guess people believe that when you have your God behind you, all that oppose you are wrong, and destroying them is justified. I don't know - but its all disheartening.

dysfirkin said...

The israelis are monsters. Their human rights record is worse than apartheid South Africa. I do not consider Hezbollah to be Terrorists since when you are dealing with people as hard headed as the israelis you have little choice but to be hard headed back.

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey dysfirkin,

I'm not a fan of the Israeli's, Hamas or Hezbollah, I think they all have blood on their hands, they are all angry and short cited. The sh*t people do to each other because they feel their 'god' has commanded them to do what is 'right' annoys the hell out of me.

I think being hard headed with hard headed people will lead to a world of complete anarchy and lawlessness. If I were to act hard headed with some of the numbskulls I've encountered in DC and Maryland, this week alone - there'd be about 6 people in the morgues, 3 in the hospitals, an 14 in driving school (with broken fingers of course!)

Thanks for the comment!!!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone else catch how Israeli leaders basiclly b-slapped Condi on her visit. She had dinner with the leadership before the bombed and killed all those children and then Condi had breakfast with the leadership and morning talks with others. But the Israeli leaders kept treated her like some simple little black girl, woefully out of her league (jetting over to the Middle East to clean up a mess, just because she's "Condi" and represents the US) and left her to find out about the lastest bombing from her own staff... Then they just sent her home, b-slapped.

Condi was visibly shaken (humbled, down off her pedestal) by the whole series of events as everyone noticed her afterwards. Hate to see my girl get her hair messed up, but she's got to realize she's dancing with the devil.

The Thinking Black Man said...

I'm with you-

I respect so much about Dr. Rice's intellectual, artistic and professional achievements. But, I absolutely hate the fact that she's rollin' with the Bush Crew!

I read the other day, soon after this B-Slappin' that you're talking about and it was saying that she [foolishly] thought that she would be setting foreign policy for the Bush Administration. Instead, Bushy flipped the script on her and has allowed the Best Kept, Best Hidden, Best Protected, Best Shooting secret in American Government - Dick Cheney - to set the BIG foreign policies! She's nothing more than a figurehead.

Poor Condi-