10 July 2006

Iraqi - civil war? Sure, why not!

There are just certain things that you don’t do.

You don’t get between lovers…
You don’t get between brothers…

Let me explain-
About 10 years ago I lived on the 3rd floor in an apartment building. Around 2 o’clock one morning I woke up to a woman screaming. I ran to the window and I could see two people in some kind of struggle and I heard a woman scream again, she was shouting something like, “Stop it (muffled)…” I jumped across my bed and started putting on my tennis as I dialed 911. I told the police what was going on and I said that I was going down there. [my baseball bat was in my closet, and I knew how to use it!] The police said I was the third call for this incident and units were quickly approaching. I was also ordered to say inside. Just like clockwork, the night was suddenly filled with red and blue lights as 2 then 4 then 6 then 8 then 11 cars pulled up all within seconds of each other. There must’ve been 20 cops out there, and why did the guy that was fighting his girlfriend decide to swing on Princes George’s boys-in-blue? It’s safe to say they whipped his ass. He had it coming though – he had bloodied his girlfriend just before they arrived.

But in the minutes that followed, something weird happened. While the paramedics were bandaging the girlfriend up, she started yelling at the cops for giving ‘boyfriend the beatdown. Then she started cursing at them for handcuffing him and making him sit in a squad car. Then she started crying because he was going to jail. I was dumbfounded. This was the same guy that was whuppin’ her ass only minutes earlier and now she was mad at the cops for arresting him. I can’t tell you how glad I was that I didn’t run down there and risk my life to save her, only to have her tell the cops that I was the one that started the problem.

The same thing holds true for brothers.
They can fight each other, but you had better not stand in their way, or YOU will incur the wrath of both.

I think this is where we are now in Iraq.

With Shiites and Sunni’s slaughtering each other wholesale in the streets of Iraq, the time has come for us to step aside and let the Muslim brothers fight it out amongst themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a fan of wholesale slaughter, but I am a fan of bringing home as many of our troops ALIVE as possible. If there was a clear and attainable goal in our presence over there I could understand it. But, as far as I can tell – all we’ve really done in Iraq is arrested Sadaam Hussein, and helped terrorists and insurgents hone their skills through trail and error – usually resulting in US troops in bodybags. I say that we change the goal of occupation from that of “helping to get the Iraq Government up and running” to one of “giving all Iraqi’s a chance to fight and die for a country ruled the way they want it to be.”

Let’s just say, “Hey – we saw a dictatorship, we toppled it, and now the people can do just like a fledgling United States did, they can have a good old fashioned civil war and may the best side win!”

But we have to get out of their way. We have to let the Shiites and the Sunnis have at each other with no interference and without ourselves being the third party upon which both sides can vent their anger on!


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