19 July 2006

The Worry over Israel vs Hezbollah

I sat in my living room this weekend and I couldn’t help but flip the TV back and forth from CNN and FOX News to whatever else may have been on. The news didn’t change much – Anderson Cooper was still wearing his flack jacket and squinting into the sun over his cameraman’s shoulder. The racially ambiguous female newscaster on Fox was still insisting that things in the Middle East were steadily getting worse and the guys on “Mythbuster’s” were still trying to build a rocket car.

But I kept coming back to the news. Israel and Lebanon… excuse me, Hezbollah, were still bombing the hell out of each other. I kept noticing this tight feeling in my stomach, but I wasn’t sure of what it was. I mean – maybe it was just the normal human reaction to watching war being broadcast live in high def. Naw, it had to be more than that, I thought. But what was it. Was I worried about the innocent civilians in harms way? Sure! Without a doubt! But that too didn’t seem to be the answer.

Was I worried about the true motive of Hezbollah for launching that surprise attack into Israel last week that allowed them to capture the two Israeli troops? Was that it? Maybe, but I didn’t feel satisfied.

Then I wondered if I was empathizing with those two soldiers held by Hezbollah. I’m sure that if they’re still alive, they have probably been starved and beaten half to death. Yeah, I was feeling for those guys.

But after long speculation, I discovered what was bothering me, and it turned out to be that President Bush is the uh... President.

What I mean by that is - we're the United States. We are the world's only REAL Superpower. When you are a true economic, political, humanitarian and military Superpower you can do a lot of good things and you can make a lot of people listen to you, and best of all if you have a savvy, intelligent and creative leader, you can do it all without firing a shot or dropping a single bomb. Unfortunately, we have George Bush.

I recall during the last election, there were all these polls stating that average Americans thought George Bush would be better man to have a beer with than John Kerry. They said he was... a... (what was the phrase...) he was an 'everyman' George Bush was a better Presidental choice because he was an every[day]man. All I could say to that was, "Give me a break!" The last man I want running my country AND the free world is some schmuck that I could run into at the ESPN Zone! That to me is utter foolishness. I'd actually rather have a President that was more intellectual THAN ME! Not that I'm a slouch, but I think to be a GOOD President you have to have a world view, you have to be a student of history, you have to be able to see not just the big picture today, but the big picture a year from now, five years from now, ten years and so on. So, I don't really don't want my president to buy me my second Sam Adams!

The tight feeling in my stomach comes from the fact that I don't believe that George Bush, nor any of his senior staff ( VP Dick Cheney, SOS Dr. Condolezza Rice, SOD Donald Rumsfeld, Chief of Staff Josh Bolten, Counselor Dan Bartlett, Press Secretary Tony Snow and/or Deputy Chief of Staff Joe Hagin) are talented, creative or savvy enough to resolve this Middle East conflict without putting US troops, US bullets and US bombs in play. I guess with all being said, I've had enough war. I'm tired of our troops dying in Iraq over Bush's lies, I'm tired of our troops dying in Afganistan because Bush wants to pretend that he's chasing a 6 foot 3 inch Mudjahadeen son-of-a-bitch through the mountains. And frankly, I don't want to see an incredible diplomatic opportunity squandered. Honestly I don't know who the REAL bad guys are over in the Middle East right now. I mean, I know how the players line up and I understand that Hezbollah is a small faction within Lebanon, and Israel is bombing the shit out of Lebanon to force them to disarm Hezbollah, and Syria is running Hezbollah and Iran is backing Syria and Hamas is now relegated to number two on the terrorist dance card, yadda yadda yadda. But I just see things getting worse before they get better, mainly because the most powerful country in the world is lead by a man that is better suited to be running a car dealership and there is hardly anyone else that stands a chance at using its non-military might, to settle these countries down.



the prisoner's wife said...

But I just see things getting worse before they get better, mainly because the most powerful country in the world is lead by a man that is better suited to be running a car dealership and there is hardly anyone else that stands a chance at using its non-military might, to settle these countries down.

i So feel you on this.

although the feeling in my stomach is that the news has a bias towards Israel . although i'm not that well versed on the issue, the news is sort of glazing over the Lebanese casualties, instead focusing their attention bombs that strike Israel. doesn't seem fair to me.

also...it is well know that if we (the USA) wanted this to stop, it would be stopped. Israel feels as though it has the de facto approval of our country, and so they carry on. in the meantime, Hezbollah (and every other terrorist org) will see our laid back stance as another form of collusion w/ Israel.

i too and nervous that this dude is our president. i have ZERO confidence in him at all.

The Thinking Black Man said...

Yeah, the US is giving its approval by clearly looking the other way. Bush's inaction is as lethal as sending our Marines ashore - ready to fight.

I think the coverage, and our country as a whole are biased in favor of Israel. I'm really not PRO or CON Israel or Lebanon in this matter, because one is bombing civilians and one is hiding among them.

I'm sure Prime Minister Olmert has spoken personally with Bush (behind closed door and over secure phone lines) and told him to take no action against them publically. Israel has incredible power over our Government and I'm 100% that they have had plans for the current operation on the drawing board for years! That's why it took only a matter of hours to start the strategic bombing of Lebanon - they were just waiting for the right moment to unleash hell.

Thanks for the comment!!!

StarkEffects said...

Good luck getting a president more intellectual than you are. As you say, you're not a slouch but the real problem is that our society has developed a fear of intellectuals, or people more intellectual than themselves. People who spend their time thinking instead of watching sitcoms just aren't like everyone else, and we don't vote for outsiders do we.

The Thinking Black Man said...

Hey Troy (I hope I can call you Troy)

I think that is a great point you make "society has developed a fear of intellectuals..." It almost seems that when people begin the think and ask "Why?" they get swept aside and basically told, "Don't worry about it, it's taken care of.."

A friend of mine has the phrase, "Think beyond the question." on his voicemail. I think that is an absolutely perfect salutation!

Thanks for checking my blog out, I'll certainly take the time to read yours and see your thoughts!!!

Take care-

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